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Fantasy Faces offers fabulous full face painting as well as smaller cheek and hand art.  The “paints” we use are actually makeup, and are hypo allergenic. They may contain ingredients such as aloe, cocoa butter, and chamomile.  They wash off with water, though a little baby soap helps, as well, or   Neutrogena makeup wipes, not baby wipes.  Ingredient lists are available upon request, if needed.  If skin is dry, color might not wash off in first wash. Give a little time and try again.
Face painting average about 3 minutes per face.  Small designs are NOT necessarily faster than full faces, as we specialize in full face painting.  Some full faces actually take only 1 minute.  When booking, bear in mind that at most parties, several adults choose to be painted, so they need to be counted when estimating time necessary. will only paint clean, unbroken skin that is normally exposed by clothing.  We only paint willing models.  If, after waiting in line, your child decides at the last minute that he or she does not want a stranger to touch them, we suggest letting them step aside and watch others get painted. If/when they change their mind they can hop back to the front of the line. We want everyone to feel at ease and safe.  Have fun with it Mom and Dad!  :o)

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