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Balloon Sculptures provides fast, fun balloon sculptures in a wide variety of shapes.  We use a general menu, but can twist just about anything, given enough time.  Most single balloon sculptures take one minute or less, on average.  If desired, we can create a special, larger, fancier sculptures, especially for the guest of honor.  We can make balloon candy cups, centerpieces or decorative displays, too. 


NOTE:  Balloons are a SERIOUS choking hazard.  Chances are that you know this. does not and will not give latex balloons to children who have not reached the age of three years.  Parents can get balloons, but we recommend that they do not give them to the little ones unsupervised.  It is also a bad idea to put balloons in or around one’s mouth as it may suggest the idea to smaller children. 


NOTE:  Balloons pop.  We know it sounds silly to point this out, but we want to say that balloons can last quite a long time, weeks even, if treated properly. Temperature variations, blades of grass, acoustic ceilings, and many more things can cause the sudden and explosive death of a beloved latex friend, so please, be careful.  When there is time, and it doesn't deprive others at the event, we don't have a problem replacing the damaged balloon.

Click on a picture to see a larger version.  

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